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Anatomy of a Speech: Women’s March 2018 – Viola Davis

A week ago today, Viola Davis spoke before a large crowd at the Women’s March 2018 in LA’s Pershing Square. So much can change in a year, and so much remains the same old story, women fighting for their rights. Fighting against assault, poverty and injustice, against shame, fear and self-loathing. Time and time again, […]

Anatomy of a Speech: Die Entwicklung der Friedensbewegung / The Evolution of the Peace Movement – Bertha von Suttner

How can you persuade people that your cause is not only just and right, but necessary? Necessary even for the future of humanity? This sounds melodramatic, the argument of a teenager intent on saving the wretched und unfair world over the dinner table. But there are times when such arguments are not only necessary but, […]

Anatomy of a Speech: ¡No Pasarán! – Dolores Ibárruri

Dolores Ibárruri in 1936 – photo by Mikhail Koltsov (via WikiCommons) Something a bit different for this post. Last week in Charlottesville, Virginia, Heather Heyer died peacefully protesting against the kind of hateful and violent nationalism that should have long ago been consigned to history. Although this speech is from a very different time and context, I thought that […]

Anatomy of a Speech: How we teach computers to understand pictures by Professor Fei-Fei Li

This is a speech about sight. Whereas Professor Beard’s speech took a long, expanse look at the complex subject of female silence in the public sphere, Professor Fei-Fei Li’s speech takes an intimate look at an equally complex but completely different subject: how she and her colleagues are using machine learning to teach computers to […]

Anatomy of a Speech: The Public Voice of Women – Professor Mary Beard

I decided to write about this speech as my first Anatomy of a Speech post for two reasons. First, it’s a brilliant speech. And secondly, it combines two of my passions: female empowerment and rhetoric. What I love about this speech is the way Professor Beard combines her own academic expertise, her personal experiences of misogyny in […]